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Due to the closing of Evarts High School, we endured a transition period and for a couple of years we simply did not have the opportunity or resources to get the school ready for upcoming reunions. We are pleased to announce that the Multipurpose Center - Cloverfork Club for Progress and Education has purchased EHS and renovation/repair efforts to the old section of the school have been and are still underway. In the near future, they hope to receive assistance from the Evarts High School Alumni and Scholarship Association and EHS Alumni. When the school closed it was in the best shape it had seen in many, many years. Without an opportunity to purchase the school or provide the community/area businesses with a chance to utilize it in some capacity, it was left vacant and the effects of vandalism, theft, lack of heat, etc. had taken their toll. We continue to face numerous challenges but would like to announce that EHS, as it has been for the past few years, will once again host the Annual Labor Day Reunion.


Scholarships and Donations


As mentioned, renovation and upgrades are still underway and we welcome any assistance we can obtain
from our fellow Alumni and community members. Also, as of 2014, the Evarts Alumni & Scholarship
Association has given approximately $543,284 dollars in scholarships to Cloverfork students. Each year
that passes by, our resourses become fewer and we do not have the money to give to the students like
we used to. We ask that if you can, please make a donation and/or start an annual scholarship
to help these students who are so deserving. We have established a PayPal account that will allow you to make secure donations of any amount and will provide a donation receipt. Look for the 'Donate' button to the right at the bottom left of every page. You can also make donations in person during the Reunion or via mail by sending them to Arlene Brown, PO Box 1611, Evarts, KY 40831


Deceased Alumni


We attempt to gather as much information as possible regarding alumni that have passed on and get that out to everyone. Surely we miss some and never look forward to completing this part of our website nor sharing the information to Facebook. Please click on the following link to view what we have been able to come up with since our last reunion: 2013-2014 EHS Alumni Deceased List



The reunion for 2015 will be Saturday, September 5th, 2015. Please note and let others know that we will not be sending out a hard copy newsletter; all details and information will be available on Facebook and below. The Labor Day Reunion is always scheduled around the Labor Day Holiday weekend, which is the first full weekend of September. For a comparable list of past & upcoming events including dates, times, accommodations and more, view our previous newsletters below. Again, please let everyone you know that the annual reunion is and will continue to be held, but that there will not be a newsletter mailed out this year.




- We encourage the Alumni to stop by Corner Café in Evarts when/if you are in town Friday evening. Please note that the school (EHS) will not be open on Friday.


- Doors open at EHS at 10:00 am

- Business Session & Awards begin in the gym at 11:00 am. We will be honoring past alumni, giving out scholarships and updating you on the progress of the school and status of our organization. The silent auction will also begin around this time and end at 8:00 pm.

- Individual Class Reunions will begin at 1:00 pm

- Corner Café will be serving lunch at the diner downtown and a portion of all sales for the day will go toward the Alumni Association for scholarships

- The Dance/Social Gathering will begin at 7:00 pm. We understand that this is more of a time for you to gather together and visit with each other than anything. We will have a DJ that will take your requests giving you an opportunity to dance or simply set and talk/listen to music.



- All registration fees, etc. go directly toward scholarships for Cloverfork Students.

- Donations can be made on our website at, in person during the Reunion or via mail by sending them to Arlene Brown, PO Box 1611, Evarts, KY 40831
- We exist to serve the Alumni and current students of Cloverfork. Without your help and donations, we cannot provide scholarships or hold reunions. To date and with your help, we have given well over $500,000 out and we are almost to the point that we will not be able to provide multiple scholarships anymore. If you have received a scholarship from us in the past or would like to help, please donate. It will be very much appreciated!


Prior Newsletters


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