As of the 2019 Reunion, the Evarts Alumni & Scholarship Association has given approximately $579,784 dollars
in scholarships to Cloverfork students and even though we were unable to have the 2020 Reunion, we are

still committed to providing $5000 to our scholarship applicants pushing our total to $584,784. When

factoring in matching scholarships, we estimate that over one million dollars has been provided over the

years! Each year that passes by, our resources become fewer and we do not have the money to give to the students like we used to. We ask that if you can, please make a donation and/or start an annual scholarship to help these students who are so deserving. We have established a PayPal account that will allow you to make secure donations of any amount and will provide a donation receipt. Look for the 'Donate' button to the right at the bottom left of every page. You can also make donations in person during the Reunion or via mail by sending them to Arlene Brown, PO Box 166, Evarts, KY 40828.


The application for our awards can be found below and must be completed entirely and submitted by March 28th. General notes and guidelines are provided and we would like to wish all who apply good luck and we look forward to reviewing your applications!


At the 2019 Reunion, we gave out $9,000 in scholarships and have provided $5,000 in 2020! Providing these scholarships makes getting an education possible for so many students that otherwise may not have that opportunity. We can’t fund their entire tuition in most situations, but every little bit helps and everyone involved is very, very thankful.

2014 - $9000 Awarded

2015 - $7000 Awarded



2016 - $6000 Awarded


2018 - $7,500 Awarded

2019 - $9,000 Awarded

2020 - $5,000 Awarded

Scholarship Application

Please use the following application. You will find a Word document that can be saved, completed and sent electronically and also a .PDF that you can print and complete by hand. 

Applications should be dropped off with Scott Pace at the Harlan County Board of Education or sent to scott.pace@harlan.kyschools.us.

Thank you and good luck!

Application: .PDF

Past Awards

We want to develop a complete listing of all of those that have received a scholarship award from us over the years and let you know exactly where your money is going! For now, we will post what we have readily available from prior newsletters and such and will work hard to complete it as quickly as we can. Many years will be left out until we can ensure that our records are accurate.  


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